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A Heartwarming Day with Frozen

Our kids had the special opportunity to learn more about how Broadway shows come together at an Exclusive Event for Disney’s Frozen The Hit Broadway Musical on the Disney Studio Lot in Burbank today!

Thomas Schumacher, the extremely entertaining President of Disney Theatrical Group took us through the story of how they brought the hit movie to Broadway!

Are all producers so fun and engaging?

I really loved him!!

We heard from Jennifer Lee about writing the book and how the show gives us such a deep look into the characters, their relationships, and their inner struggles.

Steven Oremus shared some of the stories behind the music and played us through some of the songs.

The songs were performed live by Caroline Innerbichler, playing Anna, and Caroline Bowman, playing Elsa, for the tour coming to the Pantages.

We all were amazed to hear how Sven almost didn’t make it into the show because Schumacher just couldn’t imagine how they could have a reindeer on stage!

I’m happy to say that they figured it out and Andrew Pirozzi gave us a taste of how he brings Sven to life on stage!

At the end of the event we walked out through a snowstorm!!

We got some great pictures of Bailey with Jelani Alladin who originated the role of Kristoff in the original Broadway production!

Thanks for the picture @jelanialladin

They also had yummy food and loot bags for us!!

What a great educational experience we had!! Thank you Disney for all the lessons you teach us!!


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