3 Kid-Friendly Holiday Baking Recipes & Tips for Parents

Watch out, mom and dad -- the kids are ready to bake up some treats! Here are three tried-and-true simple and fun holiday baking recipes for kids of all ages to try their hands at making.


Stained Glass Sugar Cookie Ornaments

For this beautiful cookie, you'll want to create an open center in the sugar cookie dough. You'll place the hard candies inside the open center. For a great example, visit Cooking Classy's Stained Glass Cookies recipe. She uses 2 different star cookie cutters to create her stained glass ornaments.

Some tips to be successful with this recipe:

  • Buy pre-made dough if you want to just focus on designing the cookies.

  • Let the kids do the fun job of inserting the crushed candies in the middle. They'll be so excited to see the final results!

(Pictured above, Easy Stained Glass Holiday Cookies, from Pillsbury)

  • Jolly ranchers and similar brand hard candies work best, but you could experiment with butterscotch candies and peppermints and see how they turn out.

  • You'll want to chop up the hard candies really well, to be sure it all melts down easily and uniformly. Try using a meat mallet. Place the candies on a cutting board, cover them with parchment paper and smash them with a meat mallet (or a clean hammer, or the bottom of a glass jar - we're homeschoolers, we get creative!). Continue w/the meat mallet until the candies are thoroughly crushed into small pieces.

Visit Martha Stewart's slideshow of 11 Easy Holiday Treats for Kids to Make Themselves.


3-Step Chocolate Pretzel Pecan Turtles using Hershey's Rolos

Visit Hershey's recipe page for easy instructions. There are oven instructions and super easy microwave instructions to choose from!