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Music Summer Camp - Tehachapi, CA (error 404, website not found, and websearch results for WY only)

Join us at My Blooming Art on July 22-25 for a music camp designed for young creatives to learn and integrate music fundamentals through play and practice. The focus for the camp will be songwriting and learning about songwriting principles through studies of rhythm, pitch, and lyric writing. Anyone ages 6-21 is welcome to join us! Please ask at registration if you require any accommodation for your child with special needs, and we will do our best to accommodate you! This camp will be taught by Sarah McFarland through Calliope Music Studios. Sarah McFarland has been a music teacher for the last four years and has taught in three different countries. Using principles drawn from music therapy, she writes her own curriculum to reach students where they are at in their musical journeys. She is passionate about seeing students move past the mentality of performance into the joy of creating something new. Registration packets are available here or by contacting Sarah at (661) 972-9983. The cost is $200 per child. If you need a scholarship, please don’t hesitate to ask at the time of registration.

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