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Chance Theater Offers Summer Camps & Courses - Anaheim, CA (dated flyer, contact for updated info)



Chance Theater Teens Speak Up!

This six-week program focuses on empowering young artists by helping them to find their unique voice and talent. Through traditional ensemble-building techniques, improvisation, and playwriting exercises, students will be guided in the creation of an original play, fully produced on the Chance Theater’s Fyda-Mar Stage. Students from grades 7-12 will learn the basics of script analysis, objectives, actions, and character analysis, and apply this to their playwriting and acting with the goal of cultivating the ability to honestly listen and respond on stage while making dynamic choices. Through exercises, students will also grow their concentration and awareness, emotional freedom and connection, and self-confidence. This program will provide a safe place for students to be part of an ensemble giving a voice to their generation, creatively exploring storytelling and leaving with a strong acting foundation taught by professional Chance Artists. No matter where their curiosity and talent lies, the theater has an outlet for everyone. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, hundreds of students have received full scholarships to participate in this program at no cost to them. REVIEW FROM ONE OF THEIR STUDENTS: "I attended Speak Up last year and the program was unlike anything I had participated in before. Most traditional theater workshops or shows instruct you on how to perform preconceived material, that has most often already be interpreted every possible way. At Speak Up we were able to write our own show tackling issue that were close to us and we could relate to. It was such an interesting experience getting to share our most personal moments and then translating them to the stage to perform.

Please visit the website for more information.

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