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Baseball and Softball Program - San Diego, CA (page won't load, tried 10X, move to CLOSED)

1 hour a week Fundamental training and Live games of Baseball and Softball for Boys and Girls ages 2- 14. Eight-week sessions year around. Train with professional Coach Kurtis Swanberg and his All-Pro staff learning the great skills of hitting, fielding, throwing, baserunning, catching of the ball, flyballs, live games, and much more.

Voted best Training School and 27 years offering this amazing program, this is an experience all kids should join in on. All equipment including ball gloves is provided. Locations throughout San Diego and expanding to serve you the best in every way. Don't miss out on training with famous Coach Kurtis Swanberg.

For more information about Little Rookies T-Ball, please contact Coach Kurtis Swanberg,

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