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Schaumann Studios Piano Lessons - Valley Center, CA

Music has been the language of Emily’s soul since her early childhood. She started singing as soon as she started speaking. Piano lessons soon followed and she continued studying the piano all the way through earning her Bachelors of Music in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from Brigham Young University in 1996.

Her love of singing, dancing, and performing was nurtured in the San Francisco Bay Area through performing groups, community, and school theater, and singing with choirs in the community and at church.

After earning her degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy, Emily continued her music education studying voice and choir directing, culminating in receiving a Masters of Music degree in Choral Conducting from Brigham Young University in 2000.

Emily has sung and performed in concert halls around the United States and the world including performances in England, Israel, Russia, Venezuela, and Carnegie Hall in New York City.

As much as Emily loves performing, she also loves teaching. She’s been teaching piano, voice, theater, and choir for over 25 years. She has taught in the schools, in the community, and in her home. Her students have thrived under her enthusiastic and encouraging teaching style.

For more information please visit Schaumann Studios.

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