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Modern Renaissance Teacher - Winnetka, CA (website no info on classes, contact to get updated info)

The title Modern Renaissance Teacher, fits me perfectly! My passions are Art, Math and Music. I also love reading writing, solving puzzles, and traveling!

ART: I sculpt stone, paint, print and draw. I work on my art everyday, and I know creating art helps keep me happy. See my art website:

MATH: Math can explain many things in our world; it is a magical tool! I tutor all levels of Math enthusiastically, encouraging my students to see the beauty and importance of math, and learn how they can apply math in their world now, and in the future.

MUSIC: I teach beginning level drums, guitar and piano. I started learning music at age 7, and have been a musician in some capacity ever since. Currently I play drums in a Blues/Rock Band.

GRAPHIC ART: I teach Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and several other graphics programs. You must have the software on your own computer.

WHERE: I can teach at my house or yours, however certain art/music lessons must be at my location because of materials and/or workspace needed.


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