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Art Classes - San Gabriel, CA (no website, contact to verify information)

We offer Art Classes that teach kids the foundations of drawing and art essentials. By establishing the core foundations of art we will teach the student¬–artist within to cultivate and refine their skills and talents. We help inspire the students drawing, painting and other creative art endeavors they aspired to achieve.

Students will be able to observe and apply what they have seen on paper from the gesture of the subject to building the foundations of the drawing by using different types of mediums such as pencils, china markers, pastels and acrylics.

Through the use of hands-on art demonstrations and guidance, students will learn the structure and foundation necessary to complete any artwork they approach. We want to help cultivate real art skills so that the student can actually draw what they see or to draw from their own imagination.

For more information please contact Young Hwang,


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