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Family Day Discounted Admission - Bakersfield, CA

First Saturday of the Month

Saturday, November 2, 2019

2 Adults and up-to 6 kids only $20!

The Purpose of the Buena Vista Museum is to promote the scientific and educational aspects of our earth’s history, particularly paleontology, geology, anthropology, archaeology and biology. The museum promotes public education by preserving and displaying the natural history of our area, public education, research, and by serving as a repository of fossils, and other natural history items. High priority is given to the documenting and displaying the rich, unique aspects of the natural history of Kern County. The Museum is the repository of the largest collection of Shark Tooth Hill Miocene Fossils in the world.

At the Buena Vista Museum of Natural History visitors and residents of our community may see, learn and appreciate our geologic and biologic heritage. We are the only museum in Central California that, at a single facility, displays exhibits with Anatomy, Astronomy, Archaeology, Anthropology, Biology, Geology and Paleontology.

The Museum is actively involved with agencies that work to preserve our natural heritage. We are involved in a cooperation effort with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) jointly sponsoring field trips to various sites within the state. This offers individuals, some as young as eight years old, an opportunity to learn about the varying geology and anthropology within our state.

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