Piano Teacher - Camarillo, CA

My name is Noëlle Tinturin. I am a classically trained pianist with 50 years of teaching and performing experience. I am a member of the Music Teachers' Assoc. of California (MTAC), a statewide organization of professional music teachers that offers many performance opportunities for students throughout the year, as well as annual student evaluations.

I teach beginning through advanced levels, and I offer a complete music education including note and rhythm reading, listening skills, piano technique, musicianship, repertoire, performance, and the study of music theory. After having taught many different methods over the years, I have developed my own method, incorporating the best of each into my approach. it is very effective and inclusive, and students learn the right way, and they learn quickly.

I believe in having students learn and play the music that inspires and motivates them to practice. I have had many award-winning students over the years. I love working with young children, and seeing them develop and grow, take pride in their accomplishments, and enjoy playing music as they learn.

Please visit my website at www.TinturinMusic.com for more detailed information and to view videos.

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