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Ms. Amy's Music Studio - San Diego, CA (no website to verify, contact later, move to CLOSED)

Are We A Good Fit? - Music and learning to play and instrument in Ms. Amy’s studio is not an extracurricular activity, but a skill and school subject that is just as important as math, reading, science - Parents of students in Ms. Amy’s studio take their child’s study of music seriously—e.g. when applicable, parents practice with their child if the child is a beginner or very young student, just like they would help them with math or history homework - Learning an instrument is not easy and takes committed and persistent parents and students - Please be prepared to commit at least 6-12 months or 2-4 sessions (group lessons) to violin and/or piano to be a part of Ms. Amy’s studio - Amy is very personable and caring, and we have lots of fun and enjoy the process and experiences of learning music! Ms. Amy: - fosters a positive learning environment, and believes in being a mentor and guide - understands every student has their own individual learning style, pace, and goals, and will do her best to accommodate each student’s needs so they can learn to best of their ability - expects a lot from her students, but that music and playing and instrument should be a joy filled experience never puts undue pressure, but only enough so each student feels the challenge to be their best - teaches her students how to learn and how to practice so they can get the most out of each lesson and practice session - loves teaching and sharing the joy of music is a mom of 3, including twins, so has lots of experience with kids - has played violin since age 5, played her first competition at age 11 and won highest award, completed all levels of violin and piano Certificate of Merit, and has a masters degree in music, receiving many honors and scholarships, with excellent references and reviews from current and former students Studio Outline & Policies - Private studio and in-home violin and piano lessons - Some group lessons for beginners offered - Beginner to advanced levels, all ages - Very rigorous lessons offered for intermediate and advanced students who want to become very good on violin and go on to college for a music degree, or to play professionally - Private lessons: 30-45-60 min lessons offered - Group lessons: 8 weeks, 30 min 1-2 sessions a week TBD

For more information please contact Ms. Amy,, 949-310-7188


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