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Cal Sailing Club Sailboat Rides - Berkeley, CA

The Cal Sailing Club is a non-profit, volunteer-run sailing and windsurfing club, located at the Berkeley Marina, that offers lessons, recreation, and free programs for the general public. Learn more about who we are. Membership costs just $120 for 3 months ($99 for students and seniors) plus 2 hours of volunteer work. There are no charges for lessons or the use of equipment.

Individuals ages 5 and up are encouraged to come to the front of the clubhouse and sign up for a free ride, put on a lifejacket, and learn all about sailing, from the ABCs of sailing to sailboat safety.

Bring a change of clothes because you might get wet – or soaked – as you sail the open sea.

The Cal Sailing Club is located in the Berkeley Marina between Adventure Playground and Cal Adventures.

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