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Teen Driving Academy - Placentia, CA

Teen Driving Academy provides Drivers Education and Drivers Training. Our drivers education classroom lessons are taught at our facility (Placentia) on 4 consecutive Saturdays and weekdays during spring, summer, winter and Thanksgiving school breaks.

Our classroom lessons consists of learning the laws and rules of driving, 5 practice tests, films, guest speakers, including MADD. We supply all the necessary materials per class. (Online drivers ed is also available.) Once our students receive their permits, our program will include the required 6 hours of drivers training with each lesson being 2 hours. We will come to you for each lesson which will consist of all the basics of driving, freeway/residential, and preparing them for their behind the wheel test given at the DMV.

We have a 96% passing rate of students obtaining their drivers license and have been in business for 28 years. We take pride in saying, we are the oldest driving school in Orange County!

For more information please contact Serena Delperdang,, 714-577-5708

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