Horsemanship Lessons - Sugarloaf, CA (no website or web presence, post needs to be updated - CLOSED)

I feel in love with my first horse at 5. My dad took me to ride one of those horses for children. There was a instant understanding in me that horses were both a friend and a magical creature. Now, 50 years later I'm more convinced and passionate about teaching riding.

For more than 20 years I’ve helped people understand horses and how to ride safely - it's called the feel of a horse or natural horsemanship. From me, a student learns everything starting with saddling a horse to becoming so calm and focused with the horse it's like he’ll read your mind and do what you think.

I’ve ran barrels bareback, chased cows, rode parades and worked rescue for the forestry department. My level of ability and skill is one I'm proud of. I can teach and show in a way that a student feels real accomplishment and masters each skill before moving on to the next level without feeling pressure.

In today's world we're bombarded with so many distractions and taught perhaps things that don’t promote respect, responsibility and focused intent and thinking. I teach because I have this gift and with all my heart and knowledge a student learns to ride proficiently, but more than that, own something inside that's solid, disciplined and strong.

On the scholastic side, each student receives a book, which after the lesson are maybe 3 or 4 questions to be answered after class to help remember what they learned. As your child progresses they earn a shirt for each level accomplished.

There are big smiles, laughter and an overall positive feeling here. I've found the horse to require deep thinking and that ability alone has changed many lives for the better - mine included.

For more information please contact June Daniel,, 951-662-4075