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Reading Town: Reading & Writing Program - La Habra, CA

Learn more about the Reading Town Program: We assess student's current capability and level via E-Scan, one of the most reliable and accurate assessment tools created by Reading Town. We, then, generate the most effective and personalized program for students via Optimal Program Tracker, simply called OPT. Reading: Students in our reading program make substantial gains in reading skills and reach their full potential as readers. We offer a variety of courses for all levels, from mastering phonics to reading classics. We assign challenging books to students that are above their reading level measured by E-Scan Reading Test after they have read books in their reading level and have passed comprehension quizzes on E-Learning Gate successfully for the first 12 sessions. We have set students' reading goals incorporating the ratio of fiction (literature) and nonfiction (informational) books based on the Common Core State Standards. Writing: The objectives of our writing programs are to provide the opportunity for students to become the best writer they can be and to build a solid foundation on which they can continue to achieve success in the education continuum. We have revised Writing Master, our popular writing program, to cope with the requirements of CCSS in writing. Through this program, students learn the process of writing faster than before and engage in actual essay-writing and the production of writing while effectively applying their knowledge in the process. We have set students' writing goals with the ratio of persuasive writing, expository writing, and narrative writing as follows: up to 4th grade (30:35:35), up to 8th grade (35:35:30), and up to 12th grade (40:40:20). We have brought over our previous grammar programs-Grammar and New Grammar Skills- to our writing curriculum for a more effective teaching approach for writing.

Math: Work for each grade is divided into 12 to 14 lessons. Each lesson's class procedure is designed as follows: Test: Assesses student's mastery level and determines which exercises the student needs to study with the instructor. The teacher can find the corresponding exercises to the incorrectly answered questions by looking at the lesson codes provided on the cover page. Exercise: In this section, students do the "Lessons to Study" exercises with the instructor. The rest of the exercises can be done in class or as homework.

For more information please contact visit their website.

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