Divergent Fitness: A Fitness-Based Program for Individuals of All Abilities- Chatsworth, CA

Divergent Fitness is a fitness-based program for individuals of all abilities. Their program was created out of the awareness that the fitness industry, school systems, and community-based programs are not delivering the type of opportunities necessary to meet the fitness needs of all people. Unfortunately, this is especially true for individuals with special needs such as autism and related disorders.

Divergent Fitness is based on principles of human movement, human capacity, and physical literacy, while taking into consideration individual differences. This includes differences in age, physical thresholds, neurological diversity, behavioral challenges, socio-emotional development, communication and learning styles, motivation, and everything else that makes us unique as human beings.


Mike was working as an early intervention therapist when he was approached by a parent looking for a personal trainer to work with her 16yo son with autism. This relationship was the spark that led to the creation of Special-Fit, a fitness program dedicated to providing access to fitness for neurodivergent communities. This creation also produced a first-of-its-kind, inclusive facility in Chatsworth, CA, where people from all walks of life can work out regardless of their ability. His knowledge and research on subjects in neuroscience, biology, anatomy, physiology, and psychology led him to the creation of Divergent Fitness, a fitness program that focuses on helping individuals create better life experiences. Mike owes most of his knowledge to the mentorship by Julien Pineau, owner, and creator of Strongfit.

Mike’s experience over 20 years includes working with people affected by Autism, Downs Syndrome, Retts Syndrome, PDD-NOS, Pitt Hopkins Syndrome, speech delays, behavioral issues, anxiety disorders, depression, addictions, injury recovery, and prevention and he has also worked in the sport and fitness field for over 15 yrs.

For more information please visit their website: https://divergentfit.mykajabi.com/site/about