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Martial Arts, Capoeira - Long Beach

We are happy to be a part of the Inspire community! Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines self-defense, acrobatics, dance-like moves, music and a lot of playful energy. Capoeira is a dynamic tool to channel energy and nurture the athletic, artistic, musical and personal development of children. Capoeira is active and energetic, musical and artistic, serious and funny, and requires focus and awareness. Classes will keep your child physically fit and mentally engaged. Our youth program provides opportunities for students to develop self-defense and life skills including: MOVEMENT - MUSIC - CULTURE - COMMUNITY DISCIPLINE - RESPECT - SELF CONFIDENCE BALANCE - COORDINATION - RHYTHM AGILITY - CREATIVITY - FLEXIBILITY Classes are taught by Mestre Roque, a native of Salvador, Bahia - Brazil who has over 45 years of capoeira experience. BodySport Capoeira has been providing Brazilian culture and capoeira to the Long Beach community since 2006. Come "play" with us!

For more information please contact Rebecca Araujo,

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