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Fine Art Classes by Fariba - Laguna Niguel, CA (no website, FB inactive, 1 review only & negative)

Art classes by Fariba Learn to paint in a fun, creative and relaxed atmosphere with painting instructor, Fariba. Drawing and painting skills to kids ages 10 and up, teens. Students receive hands-on, step-by-step guidance as they walk through lessons in a variety of subject matter and media, from crayons through oil paint, gaining confidence through learning to skillfully render what they see, one step at a time.

Fariba is an art instructor for students with little to no experience as well as advanced students for both children and adults. Students learn the fundamentals of art and how to improve their ability in drawing shapes, forms and textures, how to efficiently mix colors, and to learn simple techniques with colored pencils, pastels, and charcoal. Once they have mastered these skills, Fariba moves them to more intermediate levels. This step they will begin using acrylic paints on canvas. They will be using their beginner techniques and improving amongst these skills to build beautiful paintings. This level involves painting different subjects including still life, floral, landscape, and seascape. Once they are ready, they will be moved to advanced art classes. In the advanced lessons, they will be learning to use oil paints on canvas. The subjects drawn here will include portraits and self-portraits.

For more information, please contact: 949-439-7076 or email:


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