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Omni Learning Center - Monterey County, CA

Omni Learning Center is thrilled to announce that we are expanding our integrated hands-on learning experience (Omni Classics and Coming to America classes) by adding a new pair of classes: Manners & Etiquette for the 21st Century.

OMNI CLASSICS: Our second semester Tuesday curriculum includes Medieval Times, The Age of Exploration, The Renaissance, The North and South Poles - Do Opposites Attract? and Little Red Schoolhouse - California 100 years ago.

COMNG TO AMERICA: (two sessions, Friday morning (grades 2-5) and Friday afternoon (grades 6-9)) will explore From Auction Block to Immigration Dock - Expanding the diversity factor in America and The Business of Business is Business - How Technology and Inventions shaped our modern world.

MANNERS & ETIQUETTE FOR THE 21st Century: Commencing February 1, 2018 and continuing every Thursday until May 24, 2018, 2nd through 9th graders will explore and learn Why manners matter; Attitude: courtesy, responsibility, respect, and accountability; Good hygiene, good grooming, good dress, and good manners; Public speaking; Proper social correspondence; “When in Rome …” Proper behavior in all social situations; Eating and drinking politely; Table talk – the art of social conversation; Technological courtesy – texting, Social media etiquette; Building good character and sportsmanship; and Saying goodbye to fear in any setting.

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