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BVM Spring Dig At Ernst Quarries - Near Sharktooth Hill

Twelve to fifteen million years ago during the time period geologists call the Miocene Epoch most of Kern County was an ocean bay. The waters lapped against rolling hills that were soon to be pushed up to form the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Northeast of Bakersfield, where the modern Kern River leaves the Sierra Nevadas, a river flowed into the bay. The river carried sediments and the remains of plants and animals into the bay. These materials, along with the plentiful remains of marine organisms, sank to the bottom and much of the organic remains was fossilized.

Buena Vista Museum of Natural History & Science is hosting their annual paleo dig at Ernst Quarries near Sharktooth Hill where families will have an opportunity to take part in a real archeological dig.

All diggers will be allowed to keep all teeth (including Megs) and fossils found, with the exception of scientifically significant assemblages and/or articulated fossils, which will become the property of the land owners.

Families will need to choose the day they wish to attend:

Spring 2018 Dates:

April 13,14 or 15


2018 Chester Ave. Bakersfield, CA 93301

All Diggers are required to meet at the museum at 7 am the day of their dig for orientation and travel to quarries.

All diggers must be 12 years of age or older.

Dig cost is $70 per day; per person.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a VERY harsh environment and not something to be taken lightly (rattlesnakes, scorpions and no restrooms)

***Anyone choosing to take part in the dig must also be a member of the Buena Vista Museum of Natural History and Science.***

Prices for BVM one year membership:

Individual $25

Family $75

If you are already a member of the museum you will mark that you are a current member of the museum on the below order form for your dig reservation.

If you are not currently a member you will mark which membership level you want to purchase on your dig reservation form, found below, and fill out the Membership Application found here and email it with your Dig Reservation Form to

Members of the museum will enjoy reciprocal entrance to other museums and zoos. Please view the list of participating locations here on the museum website.

Below is the reservation form that is required for each family for the dig. If you want to use your student Instructional Funds please fill out the top and bottom of this form, leaving the middle payment section blank and email it to Marie (Sara) Horton: so she can process your order with the museum. Be sure to include in your email to Marie the Member application form if you are also ordering a museum membership.

After you have completed the forms(s) and emailed them to Marie please log in to your Enrichment Centre ( Account and place a request for your order (Dig Only, or Dig and Membership). Buena Vista Museum of Natural History & Science is already listed as an approved vendor that you can select to input your order under.

If you are using funds to pay for both your membership and dig reservation fees, please make sure you email both forms to Sara in the same email.

Bari Moulin is our representative working with the museum, please contact her with questions.


If families want to register on their own directly with the museum, please see their website here:

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