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So She Sews - San Diego

So She Sews stitches empowerment and worth into young girls by teaching them the lifelong skill of sewing. So She Sews is committed to fostering and encouraging courage, confidence, and character into young girls in a way that stays with them forever, just as the skill of sewing will. So She Sews is targeted to girls 8-16 but can be differentiated both up and down to work with other ages of girls (and boys). So She Sews is a program that can be experienced as sessions, 3-8 sessions each about an hour in length, which target different aspects of being a young girl, the challenges, adversity, and goal setting and accomplishments. These lessons are age appropriate and tailored to the needs of the group. With each session a new skill of sewing is acquired and a new step or part of creating a product is completed. All items that students make are theirs for keeps! I am always a resource and support continued sewing projects!

For more information, please click to email Reka Barton

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