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My Beauty Mark Makeup Academy - Fontana, Anaheim, Pasadena

MBM Academy is a fast growing school, known for its great instructors and staff. This school will enrich individuals who wish to pursue a career as a Professional Makeup Artist or simply learn how to perfect applying makeup on themselves. With MBM Academy’s focus on modern and advanced makeup techniques, we will produce only the best makeup artists, who will be able to advance in their career and reach all of their goals. This school is for those who are serious about making Makeup Artistry their career. Classes are intense and fun. This school sets its expectations very high for all students and will push them to do only their best at all times. MBM Makeup Academy is taught by Makeup Instructors who are also currently working in the field. This school takes pride in all students and we take their careers and goals very serious, so, if you are serious about pursuing a career as a Professional Makeup Artist, then schedule your tour today!

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