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* Sold Out * CYT's The Lion King Jr. - Auburn

October 13, 2017


$6 Per Person

Auburn Grace Community Church, 3126 Olympic Way, Auburn, CA 95603

Join us for a morning of musical theater in Auburn! CYT presents, The Lion King Jr. The future king of Pride Rock, young Simba grows to understand himself and embrace his responsibilities, despite the many challenges and hardships that overcome him when his evil Uncle Scar plots to take the throne for himself. With the death of his father unfairly on his conscience and a pack of mangy, slobbering hyenas doing Scar’s evil bidding, it takes strength of character, humility, and forgiveness of self and others for Simba to prevail. Along the way, Simba’s bright, loyal friends help him, teaching him many life lessons that prepare him to be a bold, fair ruler of Pride Rock like his father before him. Full of the beauty of tradition and the importance of realizing your own strength, Lion King depicts the maturing and shaping of a young, brave heart from the gravity of accepting responsibility for a kingdom, to the light-hearted reminder of Hakuna Matata.

To contact the organizer click to email or call Sara Greco, 916-827-0280

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