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Swim Club - LA County

Join Swim4Life in our Back to School Special! Bring in a friend to enroll in swim lessons with you and both of you will receive a FREE Private Lesson after enrollment! All new enrollments also get their first lesson FREE – a 25 minute Private Assessment Lesson, which allows us to assess your child and place them in one of our ten levels. This will give you a chance to check out our facility, meet our instructors and ask any questions before you commit or pay anything!

Go to and fill out the form for your FREE Private Assessment Lesson. Have your friend do the same and let us know in the comments who your friend is that you will be enrolling with. **Expires 9/30/17. Friend does not include a sibling. Free Assessment Lesson is for new families only. Sibling discounts available**

Swimming Benefits - Not only do we teach children how to swim and the importance of water safety, but we teach them abilities far beyond that. Swimming exposes children to real life math problems and situations, simple laws of physics, as well as decreases anxiety, improves stress management and boosts their overall state of mind. Year-round swimmers have been found to score higher for intelligence and problem solving, including boosts in IQ, score better on measures of understanding and complying with directions and are significantly stronger and more coordinated. This physical exercise improves stamina, strengthens lungs and is the lowest impact sport and form of exercise – not to mention it is the only activity one can do from their first breath, to their last. Give your child the gift to Learn to Swim…for Life!

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