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Kids Guitar Academy: Professional Guitar Instruction for Kids and Teens - Online

Kids Guitar Academy presents the web's first online guitar course created specifically for kids & teens! Designed for students ages 7-17, The Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course is a 21-module learning program that contains 90+ videos of step-by-step professional guitar instruction. The program also includes 50+ supplemental .pdf & .mp3 files!

The Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course starts right at the beginning covering important fundamentals such as how to set up the left and right hands properly and how to read music for guitar. Each lesson module includes a featured song which the student learns in order to reinforce lesson goals. At the end of each module is a "practice session" in which students are given the chance to play along with the song they've learned at different speeds!

This course covers the essentials of both lead & rhythm guitar and includes popular songs as well as songs that have been specifically designed to help students reach important playing goals. By the end of the course the student will no longer be a "beginner level" guitarist, but will be a well-rounded guitarist with highly developed rhythm & lead guitar skills who will be ready to move on to more advanced level guitar studies!

Receive your first year of guitar lessons at a fraction of what you would pay for private lessons! Learn guitar online following our goal directed, professionally designed step-by-step program.

  • 21 Lesson Modules featuring 85+ videos of professional guitar instruction.

  • 50+ supplemental .pdf & .mp3 files.

  • Access to the student helpline for additional support.

  • On-screen graphics to help students stay engaged and on-track.

  • Professionally quality lessons based on 20 years of guitar teaching experience.

  • Clearly defined goals to support achievement and progress.

Contact David Osborn for more information.

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