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Guitar Lessons Via Live Webcam (no website, contact for updated information)

Lessons conducted via webcam have some great advantages over in-person lessons. Advantages include full length lessons - no entering of the premises, unpacking, tuning, small talk ... then the reverse at the end of the lesson. Consequently, in-person lessons often end up being only about 24 minutes in actual learning! In contrast, when the Skype call starts, everyone is ready and the lesson starts! Additionally, no commuting costs - gas and time! Apart from the guitar, all that's needed is a working printer, a red pen, some highlighters and colored pencils. I share all the lesson materials via Google Drive, so the student always has a digital copy of everything they learn, in case 'the dog eats their homework' ;) I teach whatever style will motivate the student - I can arrange/transcribe practically any song. Due to my classical training however, my teaching approach is quite thorough - no shortcuts!

Contact Shane Cammell, for more details.

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