5 Mistakes To Avoid Before Hiring A Private Tutor - by TutorMeLA

Let's face it - both public and private schools no longer have the resources to fully support every student's individual needs. Hiring a private tutor is a great way to supplement learning outside of the classroom. Whether your child is determined to get into the Ivy League of their dreams or is just struggling to hang on to a "gentleman's C+", hiring a private tutor can be tremendously beneficial. So logically, every parent who cares about their child should hire a private tutor right?
Well, it's not that simple. Not all tutors are created equally and to see outstanding results, you need to hire an outstanding tutor. Luckily, our experienced team has put together a list of mistakes that you should avoid in order to ensure that you hire the most qualified private tutor for the job; After all, you are trusting that your child's academic future is safe in their hands.
1. Don't mistake qualifications with experience:
As someone who revolves her life around education and teaching, I know the difference between being knowledgeable and being able to teach. They may sound similar, but the two are entirely different attributes. I meet with applicants everyday who have prestigious degrees and backgrounds from the most competitive universities in the nation. However, we turn away more doctors, teachers, and professionals than we do recent Ivy League college students. Why you may ask? Recent graduates are more relatable and able to clearly communicate with our students. Being able to breakdown a difficult subject and clearly communicate it is far more effective than having a degree in a subject you learned 10 years ago.
2. If you don't do it right the first time, be prepared to do it again:
Hiring an expert private tutor can be expensive. Common prices on the market can range anywhere from $25/hr upward to $125/hr. This is why so many parents typically turn to part-time students or friends for a discounted rate. However, most end up switching the tutor 2-3 times before they finally find a suitable match (if that tutor even proves to be reliable). This process needs to repeated once the student advances grade levels or needs help with a different course that the tutor cannot teach. This is a waste of your child's time that could have