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* Sold Out * Reptile Super Show - Pomona

August 12, 2017

10AM - 6PM

$10.49 Kids (12 & under)

$15.76 Adults

Pomona Fairplex/Los Angeles County Fairgrounds, 1101 W. McKinley Ave., Pomona, CA, 91768

*** We have an extremely small window to reserve spots for the Reptile Super Show LA.

Deadline to sign up is July 31st.

* PARKING AT GATE 9: $10 cash. (price to park subject to change)

Come explore the world of reptiles with exotic creatures many of us rarely get the opportunity to see. Reptiles are one of the most diverse groups in the animal kingdom. Their behaviors and physical attributes cover a broad spectrum, which is one of the reasons we humans find them so fascinating. Reptile Facts: There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about reptiles these days, but (thankfully) not nearly as many as in the past. Today, we know more about reptiles than we ever have, and this knowledge has brought to light many interesting facts about these creatures and their lives. This article is a good example of the amazing diversity of reptiles. Below, I have compiled what I feel are some of the most interesting facts about the reptiles of the world. Some of these are facts about reptiles in general, while others are facts about particular species within the class Reptilia. Interesting Reptile Facts: There are more than 8,000 species of reptiles on the planet and they live on every continent except Antarctica (where it is too cold). "Cold-blooded" is not the best way to describe reptiles. Their blood is not necessarily cold by itself. They are exothermic, which means they get their body heat from external sources. Reptiles cannot regulate their body temperature internally as humans do. Reptiles are among the longest-lived species on the planet. For example, large tortoises such as the Aldabra tortoise can live for more than 150 years. Alligators can live nearly 70 years. Ball pythons, a popular type of pet snake, can live up to 40 years (consider that before getting one as a pet).

To contact the organizer Carie Sipka: (805) 816-6114

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