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* Sold Out * California Science Center: Body World Pulse

October 18, 2017

10:00AM Meeting at the box office

$9.95 per person, 3 and under FREE

700 Exposition Park Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90037

Come experience inventor Dr. Gunther von Hagens’ BODY WORLDS: Pulse — a convergence of aesthetic anatomy, health and wellness. This special exhibition presents real human bodies in sickness and health. Discover the human body's vulnerabilities and potential, and many of the challenges the human body faces as it navigates the 21st century. More than 200 plastinated specimens of real human bodies — including whole bodies, translucent slices, and organs – are curated and presented in galleries that feature the different systems of the body. The locomotive, nervous, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and reproductive systems are revealed in precise detail through Dr. von Hagen’s invention of plastination, providing a glimpse into the human anatomy that was once only available to medical practitioners. Featured plastinates include an obese body slice, a smoker’s black lung, a liver with cirrhosis, and hardened arteries that show the impact of ill health. In contrast, dancers, sports figures, and a woman bearing life illustrate how bodies function when lifestyles support good health and well-being. Through interactive multimedia, guests can explore the wonders of the human body and marvel at its elegance and complexity. Discover what makes you move, what makes you tick, and what makes you unique in the largest BODY WORLDS exhibition in a decade. Look at the website for a better idea of the exhibit and for down loadable family and student guides to help make this trip even more of a wonderful educational experience.

For families coming from far away, you may want to consider staying overnight and exploring all the other wonderful things to do in Exposition Park.

TIME FRAME: We are all on one ticket and will meet at the box office at 10 a.m. The doors to the Body World Pulse open at 10:30, lunch break is at 12:30. At 1:30 we can explore the space shuttle Endeavor. I'm told to count on 45-60 minutes for this part of our visit. The general science center is also open to us at this time. PARKING: CASH ONLY $12 . DINING OPTIONS: The Grill offers multiple hot and cold menu items. They also have prepackaged sandwiches, salads, fruits, nuts, snacks and bottled drinks. You can pack a lunch from home but please note food must be consumed in the eating area.

To contact the organizer Carie Sipka: (805) 816-6114

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