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WordUpKids Creative Writing Classes - Beverly Hills (content is not up to date, contact)

Word Up Kids teaches children the craft of writing so that they can tap into their inner genius. We offer private tutoring, public & at-home workshops, and live online classes and private lessons.

Our Creative Founder, Craig Bergman, graduated from Cornell University and spent years teaching reading & writing to at-risk kids in New York City public schools. In 2003, he began studying with the poet Jack Grapes, creator of Method Writing: Craft of the Invisible Form, and in 2008 he adapted the technique into a writing & personal enrichment curriculum for children, called Word Up Kids.

We teach kids a simple writing process that makes writing easy and fun. Graduates of our program have more writing confidence, they no longer procrastinate on assignments, they are better able to organize their thoughts and express themselves in clear, rich sentences, their vocabulary and reading comprehension improves, and their teachers notice and appreciate the difference.

In the process, children find their voice, and they discover themselves. It’s so easy for kids to get lost inside, and Word Up Kids is on a mission to offer this opportunity to every child with a desire to learn.

For more information contact Craig Bergman

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