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Martial Arts - Westlake

We are an Inspire vendor offering Martial Arts to our home school community! Our summer has morning and afternoon group class options and in the fall we have afternoon/evening. With that said, we are very open to creating a "Day Class" with -enough interest and registrations for our community. Our kids are part of Inspire as well.

Lacombe's Premier Martial Arts offers Krav Maga, Self Defense, Kickboxing, Fitness, Personal/Character Development and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu via are ZR Team all in a Fun yet Structured and Disciplined curriculum! We can serve as a 2x a week activity or as a Black Belt goal!

Courtesy and Respect is our Mantra and we have serviced the -Conejo Valley (particularly Westlake/Agoura/Oak Park/TO) for 43 years! We are excited to meet and serve your families martial arts needs in the Conejo Valley too!

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