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* Sold Out * Santa Paula Agricultural Museum

July 26, 2017


$5 per walking child, adults free

926 Railroad avenue, Santa Paula, California

Our Agricultural themed tour consists of 4 stations that the students will rotate through, 15 minutes each.

Station 1: "Plant parts" Students learn about the different parts and functions of plants, and that we eat all parts of plants. Station 2: "Picking tree" Students learn all about farm labor dynamics, and the labor it takes to grow, pick, and deliver the food we eat. There is a tasting component to this station where students sample a locally grown fruit or vegetable. Station 3: "Bees" Students learn about bees as pollinators and how essential bees are to plant growth and agriculture. There is a beehive at the museum where students can examine bees up close and personal. Station 4: "Planting" Students plant a seed to take home with them. Learn about the plant growth cycle and explore the museum's native plant garden.

Please include the ages of your children so they can have an idea of how to split up the groups and how many docents will be needed.

To contact the organizer Carie Sipka: 805-816-6114

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