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Turasa - Active Adventure Board Game

Turasa, An Active Adventure for Kids and Grown ups, is bringing families, together for fun, laughter, movement and quality family time.

Children are such physical creatures, bristling with restless vitality. Turasa provides a lovely and enjoyable outlet through which kids can express that energy constructively and playfully. Players move a single piece (the Unity Rock) along the board's path, performing poses found on cards drawn from four different colored decks (River, Ocean, City, and Jungle). The fun, adventurous artwork and playfully descriptive poses (Alligator, Butterfly, Superhero Pose, . . .) stimulate kids' imaginations while tickling their funny bones, factors that keep them happily engaged every step of the way.

Parents and educators appreciate the cooperative nature of the game, which functions as a group activity rather than as a competition. Turasa plays exceedingly well across a broad range of ages. The spirit of that game play is such that players absorb essential values such as friendship, peace, patience, and kindness while improving balance, flexibility, and physical strength. For 1 to 10 players.

Turasa was created by our vendor, Club Kids Yoga. For more information contact Turasa

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