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Hip-Hop A.S.A.P After School Awareness Program - Fresno (website not found, contact later, CLOSED)

Description of class: The students will start in a classroom atmosphere and work on 1 of the 6 curriculum's of the day:

Hip-Hop 101: History of Hip-Hop (Origination of Hip-Hop culture up until today)

Mentoring: Students participate in a “Buddy System,” where they are paired with another student. They will learn to learn skills to communicate effectively.

Leadership: Students will participate in electing classroom officials to represent their special interests and needs, and or be the voice in representing others special interests and needs.

Computers: Using technology for production, newsletters, flyers…

Community Service: Giving back to the community by participating in activities that reflect the need of their community.

Students For Success: Homework completion, learning the importance of being drug-free, staying in school, and away from gangs and violence.

The students will then proceed into the production studio where they will engage in 4 rotating work stations consisting of teaching, rehearsals, video and recording.

Station #1: teaching choreography Station #2: rehearsing on stage Station #3: video production of class and rehearsal Station #4: recording of songs and testimonies, and messages

They will end the class with a group session, and discuss what they learned and experienced for the day.

For more information contact D.E. Hip-Hop

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