Part II: Inspire Adventures

Orange County S.T.E.A.M. Inspiration Park Days & the OC Imaginology S.T.E.A.M. Fair

Based on all of my experience with the OC Imaginology fair (detailed in the first blog post in this series), I decided to host Imaginology Project Build Days for Inspire families. I wanted to create a simple, fun way for families to participate in this fair for the first time, or for families participating in the fair a subsequent time, to have a community to enjoy creating projects with. I figured if I was the one responsible for coming up with the supplies, as well as hosting the setup and clean-up somewhere, then that would make it easy for families to simply focus on getting their children to these events. :)

When considering a location for this event, I remembered, as a homeschooling mom, that sometimes kids need breaks between building. I And that sometimes younger siblings need somewhere safe to play to give parents a chance to help their older student create a project. So, I chose Tewinkle Park in Costa Mesa, a clean and well-designed community park, situated behind the OC Fair.

TeWinkle Park is a well-known and liked park--for good reasons. Its main playground, Angel’s Playground, is a universally accessible playground, with modern play equipment and swings. Clean restrooms are right next to the playground, and the entire playground area is surrounded by well-maintained grass and a combination of mature and petite trees. There is ample, close parking, another necessity for busy parents. This park also has a unique charm and aesthetic. Up against the border of the park, close to the playground, there is an interesting cluster of boulders that always invokes visions of the English countryside, in my imagination. These boulders are fun and easy to climb, and lead up to a shady trail that follows a small, tree-lined stream, which is home to ducks and turtles all year long. At another point, separate from the boulder area, there is a grassy slope that comes down from the trail, in a gentle angle. This slope appeals to kids, offering them the old-fashioned type of play experience hard to find in our modern world; the act of of running or rolling down a soft, grassy hill.