Palm Springs Windmills, Botanical Garden and more...

I had the pleasure of planning, coordinating and participating in Inspire’s all day field trip to Palm Springs.

Our group of 43 met at the Windmill Farm for a two-hour tour of the famous Palm Springs windmills. It included a class presentation on the history of windmills with a walking and bus tour of their 2,100 machines. It was very informative and I learned a lot.

Four reasons windmills aren’t spinning: - Old machines - Down for maintenance - Wind not high enough (needs to be 8-10 mph to turn the blades) - Stopped by operator if there is no requirement for the energy. They do not store energy in “batteries”.

Their tallest windmills are 28 stories and contain an elevator. The concrete base takes 17 cement trucks to fill and 17’ rebar is used to hold it in place. They cost $1.5 million and are owned by private investors. The break even point is 3-6 years with the machines lasting over 20.

For any of us who like heights and being outside, the department of labor identified Wind Turbine Service Technician as the fastest growing occupation in 2016.