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Our very own Shane E. Cooper and the Wild West

At an early age, Shane took to storytelling and reading. The library has been one of his favorite places to visit ever since he participated in the reading program "Reading to the Dogs" age four at the Temecula Library. He wrote his first short story "Horse Power" inspired by his experience of riding horses at this tender age. Music has also been a big influence in his life from piano and hip hop dance lessons. From these experiences and seeing Will Smith's Wild Wild West Video, Shane (age 5) was inspired to write a short script entitled "Wild Wild West Rescue" filmed at Green Acres Ranch in Temecula, CA. His family showcased this short film at the Temecula Library to local children at no cost. Also, the film's cast performed it (live) at the showcase.

His second short story "Choo Choo Brownie" followed quickly about a puppy dog who was a train engineer. Motivated to write more short stories, Shane quickly began writing adventurous stories about each of his stuffed animals. His latest accomplishment was an adaptation of his short story "Choo Choo Brownie" into his current running play "Brownie's Train Adventure" which he wrote the script, co-directed the play, and composed the music for each scene. The play has been seen at Malcom X Library in San Diego, Grace Mellman Library in Temecula, and San Marcos Library in San Marcos. All plays were offered free to families. Brownie's Train Adventure was recently recognized in the Valley News publication.

Note, Shane has sold his short stories at San Diego/Temecula festivals and fairs. Shane is delighted and honored to share his early accomplishments with Inspire Charter School.

Thanks for sharing his story. We hope to Inspire children to be their best early in life.

Flora M. White-Cooper, Ph.D.

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