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Free PARKOUR OPEN HOUSE brought to you by Freedom In Motion

May 18, 2017

11:30AM - 1PM


Come one, come all!! Free Parkour open house. Come check it out and invite a friend. This event is open to ALL!! 11:30am - "What is Parkour" talk from the owner. 11:45am - Parkour Stations 12:40pm - Question and Answer time This Open House is FREE!! If you would like to join it is only $85 a month for 5 months and the 6th month is Free!! Take advantage of this awesome deal. I will be available this day if you want to sign up. Please be prepared to log in to Vendor Lobby.

Organized by: Karmen Heras Organized by: Karmen Heras,, 619-207-7658

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