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** Sold Out ** Catalina Science Camp - Emerald Bay

May 29, 2017


This event is a tent-cabin science camp experience at Emerald Bay, Catalina.

Come join other homeschoolers for a fun, science-based field trip to cap off the year and a family experience to treasure always. This is a unique opportunity to enjoy Catalina Island before the hordes arrive.

This is a great chance for your family to be immersed in a natural setting with multiple sandy beaches, several marine ecosystems, a plethora of plant and wildlife and aquariums/touch tanks which gives your students the opportunity to experience first- hand the topics they just learned about.

Mountain and Sea Adventures offers one of a kind camp experiences which impart a deep personal understanding, love and appreciation for the natural environment through hands-on field science activities, interactive labs and an immersion in marine biology. These camps are a transformational experience that students leave feeling empowered!

Who is this trip recommended for? • Children 8 years old and up and a parent, or designated responsible adult. The minimum age is due to the availability of wetsuit and life vest sizes. If you provide your own for a younger child then they can participate.

What does this trip include? • Mountain and Sea Science is a 3 day/2-night camp with the following provided: Round-trip travel to Catalina aboard Enhydra. All educational and recreational activities/gear are included such as snorkeling at Doctor's Cove, guided kayaking and hiking, and more. Just bring your sleeping bag, pillow, clothing, toiletries and a smile!

All payments due by Wednesday, May 17. No refunds after May 17. Inspire Enrichment Funds will cover the cost of a student(s) and a supervising parent, for one enrolled Inspire student. If there are 2 or more Inspire students enrolled, then up to 2 supervising parents can be covered with Enrichment Funds.

Answers to a few common questions: Is there a discount for four people or more in a family? Mountain and Sea doesn't provide a discount for this scenario, so we cannot either. If we choose the Emerald Bay camp, is it possible to sleep more than two people in a tent cabin, or can we have additional tent cabins for our family? Last year, families either brought a camp mat, or air mattress to lay on the floor in between the two cots. It was a tight fit, and then there isn't any floor space, but it works. If someone is going to sleep on the floor, Mountain and Sea recommends using a bug spray to create a perimeter alongside the edge of your raised floor of your tent cabin. The other option is to spread out over two or more cabins. Since we are the only group at Emerald Bay, we have access to as many tent cabins as we need. For example, if it's two parents and three children, then you can use two, or three tent cabins. Is there enough of a difference between the Two Harbors and Emerald Bay camps to make it worth attending both camps? You will have a different experience in those two activities, even though it's the same activity. The locations make a huge difference. The same with the aquariums in both locations; since one is run by USC and the other by Pennington.

Organized by: Arlene de Anda,, 909.856.8914

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