Homeschool 411: Educational Philosophies Summarized

As a Family Liaison for Inspire, one of the questions I hear quite often, is how and where, can one learn about the variety of homeschool educational philosophies and approaches? New families want to know about the different ways they can homeschool. New homeschool teachers are curious about the educational philosophies some of their families adhere to. Experienced homeschoolers are discussing the changes in their approach and style, and experienced homeschool teachers are discussing ways they can support their families who are making a move toward a new homeschool method. Whatever perspective you are coming from, please enjoy following the links below to learn more about some of the most popular homeschool educational philosophies and approaches. And, as always–Happy Homeschooling. Keep being Inspired

Some of the Common Approaches to Home Education

Traditional—This seeks to replicate the traditional school model at home using grade-based textbooks and curriculum. Traditional home education can be a very creative approach by employing different ways of organizing the classroom, and school supplies for a fun, enriching environment.

Please visit this site: How to Home-School: Traditional Method and visit this link to see the organizational Workbox approach.