Yellow House Book Rentals

Yellow House Book Rentals is a homeschool curriculum rental service that provides the budget-conscious homeschooler the opportunity to rent products for a 10 month period. . There are two choices: August through May, or September through June. Some of the products are semester rentals (5 month period). Rental orders made after the month of September will be discounted.

If you decide that the curriculum, rented or purchased, does not work for you or your child, you may return it within the 30 day trail period. (please see return policy).

There is also a try before you buy (rent-to-own) service for some of the products. If you rent a book and decide you like it and want to purchase it, let them know. If it is available as a try before you buy (rent-to-own), they will charge you the purchase price minus your rental cost and it's yours to keep.

Paid orders of $150 or more, are shipped to you free of shipping charges.

Please read these excellent reviews on what it means to rent from Yellow House Book Rental.

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