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Charter School Services

Every charter school has many facets and functions that are custom to their families, students and vendor relations.  At Homeschool Concierge we hope to customize packages to fit the needs of the charter school.  We are able to strengthen, grow and even establish the necessary foundation to have well run support departments.  Please take a look at our list of services below and email if you would like to customize a support package for your charter school. 



We work with schools to help highlight the uniqueness of each Charter school to the homeschool community via group activities, a strong social media presence and so much more.




Are you working to create, build or strengthen your support teams?

Do you have a goal of increasing your enrollment numbers?

Are you lacking the tools needed to be active in social media?


referrals and Recruiting

We believe it is important to establish connections all throughout the  homeschool community with teachers, students, families and vendors.  

Who do you rely on when you are looking for a teacher to fit a specific need?  What do you do when you need a specific vendor that seems to be just out of reach?



What do you do if you are in need of a support team or temporary team members for the busy season?  We offer support team services that allow you to focus on the goal of enriching your students' education.  Our teams specializes in the key departments that charter schools thrive off of.  We easily adapt to the systems in place to create smooth integration



Our team has created an ordering system that provides parents and vendor departments with all of the key elements needed to streamline and process orders with ease.  Homeschool Concierge will provide all of the training and customization needed to make the system your own.

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