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We have a winner!

Congratulations to Homeschool H.A.I.R. reader Monica!

To see what Monica has won and to receive a 10% off code for products at Global

Guardian Academy please read on…

Monica won the Global Guardian Academy Back To School Package!

The package includes:

  • a 12-month all-access pass to Global Guardian Academy’s Environmental Education E-Courses

  • a giant world map coloring poster

  • a tree will be planted in the student's name.

Total retail value $149.00

Global Guardian Academy is a school of online courses that teach our next generation how to care for the earth through humane education.

Each course is jam-packed full of engaging activities, videos, stories, art projects and challenges, designed to educate the child about our big, beautiful earth, and to inspire them to take action to be more environmentally responsible, from simple daily habits to fierce action challenges.

When you purchase an All Access Pass to Global Guardian Academy kid's e-courses for $149.00, you get full access to over 300 activities, lessons, videos, inspirational stories, book clubs, art projects and challenges, all designed to teach your child how to care for the earth, protect animals and the environment and to take steps to be the next global changemaker.

Included with your pass is a  36" x 24" World Map Coloring Poster designed as a learning tool for each e-course, and a tree will be planted in your student's name.

Unlock a world of learning opportunities with their 10 interactive courses. PLUS you'll have access to all upcoming courses- one added each month.

At the end of each course, your child will earn a certificate of completion, a Global Guardian Degree!

As an additional perk, you'll automatically be included in the Insiders Club- designed to enhance your child's learning experience. Each Saturday you will receive in your inbox a newly designed global-minded activity for your child to explore.

Global Guardian would like to offer our readers 10 % off the All Access Explore Pass

That includes the 12-month all-access pass to Global Guardian Academy’s Environmental Education E-Courses, a giant world map coloring poster, and the tree planted

in the student's name.

To receive this discount please use the code: HOMESCHOOL at checkout

Are you Interested in learning more about Global Guardian Academy courses, but not sure if it is a good fit for your family? Try their freebie sample course where you'll find a taste of some of the favorite course videos and activities.

Keep in mind that each paid course includes AT LEAST 30 videos, activities and challenges for your family.

Taking steps to become global stewards has never been so easy- or so fun!

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