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We All Need A Hero

Everyday heroes can be found in the most unlikely places and with My HERO it is super easy to find them! Within the large multimedia journal, you and your student(s) can learn about heroes from all walks of life. The thematic features on the homepage change weekly, highlighting diverse heroes related to current events and emerging resources.

MY HERO is a non-profit educational project that empowers people of all ages to realize their potential to effect positive change in the world. It uses media, art, and technology to celebrate the best of humanity, one story at a time. The award-winning programs raise awareness for the amazing work being done by heroes globally and at the grassroots level to address some of the greatest challenges of our time. They work to promote cross-cultural communication, human rights, environmental awareness, tolerance, media literacy, and the arts.

This commercial-free not-for-profit educational project aligns with teachers' needs to bring students together to learn, to respect our differences and common humanity, and to use media and technology for social good in a safe online environment.

The MY HERO Teacher’s Room provides standards-aligned, project-based lesson plans and tools to customize and present curated content, including your students’ own work. Over the last 20 years, millions of students of all ages around the world have benefited from taking part in My Hero programs. All media submitted to the website is reviewed by staff to ensure that it aligns with My Hero's mission, and My Hero has become a trusted global learning destination for educators. Today, The My Hero Project media arts education programs span the globe, and our website is the largest web-based archive of hero stories worldwide.

The My Hero Project was established as a safe online platform for children to view inspiring content and create their own--one of the first media arts education programs to teach children to create and publish online media.

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