Researching Which Independent Study Charter School to choose? Read This List with Links & Tips!

While the kids are enjoying all that summer has to offer, parents are often gearing up for the start of the school year. This is often true in the homeschool world, as well, especially if you're planning to homeschool through an Independent Study Public Charter School.

Most Independent Study Charter Schools follow a school calendar similar to traditional public schools, with varying start times throughout August and September. If you've been accepted into a school, they may have processed your enrollment and you're ready to start ordering curriculum and getting everything lined up to start on time. If you're on a waitlist for a school you may be researching curriculum to be ready to order if/when you're accepted into the school.

Do yourself a big favor, before you execute a purchase or start planning your student's lesson plans, take a few minutes to be sure you're knowledgeable about what the school requires of you, and that you're comfortable with your assigned teacher. Read on for more tips and information.