Online Private Schools

Many families are looking for professional online schools; schools that have been in the business of online schooling for many years, with an experienced and successful school model.

Here are some resources we've pulled together from online schools we've learned about ourselves, as well as recommendations from others. We've separated this list into secular and religious-based categories.

This page is not comprehensive. It is a living document that we will update and add to periodically. If you have any online private school resources to share with us, please email them to us at Thank you. :)


Secular Online Private Schools

Acellus Academy, K-12.

Acellus Academy is a K-12 online private school located in Kansas City, Missouri. The school is owned and operated by the International Academy of Science, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Acellus Academy provides instruction online through distance education via the Acellus Learning System. The online curriculum is taught by master teachers from across the nation who have been recognized for their expertise in both content material and conveying knowledge through video instruction. As a distance education school, Acellus Academy serves a diverse population of students located throughout the United States and in some international regions, from nearly all walks of life.

Bridgeway Homeschool Academy, K-12.

Whether you are seeking an all-inclusive homeschool program or prefer to go it alone, Bridgeway Academy has the textbooks, online classes, parent tools, accreditation, and support you need to succeed. We've known many homeschool families who've enjoyed Bridgeway. Their courses are faith-neutral.

Calvert Education, grades 3-12.

Calvert Academy is an accredited, online private school. This complete, diploma-granting program combines the flexibility of at-home learning with a rigorous academic curriculum. Students work with a Learning Guide (typically a parent, adult relative, or tutor), who acts as the primary instructor. The Learning Guide instructs his/her student using Calvert’s daily lessons. The Calvert Academy teacher supports the Learning Guide and the student by delivering weekly live lessons, providing feedback on assessments, and assisting students with questions via phone and email. Calvert Academy teachers are also available for 1:1 or small group support, in an online classroom environment, on an as-needed basis.

Fusion Academy, part-time and full-time enrollment for grades 6-12.

Fusion Academy is a fully accredited private middle and high school with a completely personalized approach. No matter what you’re looking for, Fusion Academy is ready to customize a program that works best for