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Free online subscriptions to Global Battle Royal Independence!

Have you been looking for a fun and engaging way to teach your students about civics and global leadership?

National Student Parent Mock Election has partnered with GlobalU to bring kid-driven, game-based learning to Civics.

It’s like Minecraft and Fortnight for civics! This is experiential learning at its best – using gameplay that the kids love and inserting principles that they need to learn to be successful in the game, and more importantly, in their lives.

Through Battle Royale Independence, your child will learn lessons of character, free enterprise, rule of law and health & wellness. In later phases of the game, students will learn about history of the US and other important civics principles. As a parent, you will be able to view real time reports of the learning outcomes your child is accomplishing within the game. Learning civics and global leadership.

The “Battle Independence” game is a two year program from 2018 mid-terms to the 2020 general election. The student and their families are engaged and learning about civics every day over the next 2 years and develop the civics, entrepreneurship, health and character skills that help them succeed and lead.

When a student first enrolls in the GlobalU program, they automatically become part of a “village” in the game – kind of like Clash of Clans. Each village is made up of peers from that students’ school or other parts of the country.

Each village is initially controlled by a foreign power. It’s a negative force that controls the pirates in the game and one that does not have the best interests of the villagers in mind.

The basic foundation of civics is freedom – freedom to act in such a way that benefits the individual and the state. It’s about fighting off those that want to oppress.

GlobalU would like to offer our Homeschool Concierge readers and their homeschooled friends free subscriptions to the Battle Royal Independence content in the game until Dec 15. If parents wanted to continue the subscription with access to more content, you can order the $40 annual subscription.

To sign up for the free temporary subscription use this link Battle Royal Independance Game.

Happy gaming!


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