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Doodle for Google Contest 2019

When I grow up, I hope…

This year’s theme invites you to show Google what you hope for in your future. Classrooms on Mars? Shoes that can fly? Food for everyone? A pill that cures everything? Take your ideas and put them into your Doodle!

The annual Doodle for Google contest gives students kindergarten through twelve grade a chance to design a creative logo of their own and the chance to have it featured on

the Google search page for a day. Plus win Google swag, a $30,000 college scholarship, and a $50,000 tech package for your school/non-profit organization.

Students can work with any materials they want, but all doodles must use the theme, represent the Google logo and be submitted by Monday, March 18, 2019, 8:00 pm

Pacific Time.

Parents and teachers can mail the completed entry form or submit it online as a .png, or .jpg. Students enrolled in public, private or homeschools are eligible to participate in the contest.


Watch Jimmy Fallon and Kermit the Frog announce they'll be judging this year's Doodle for Google contest with a serenade of "Rainbow Connection" and reveal the theme of this year's competition.

Doodles will be judged on the following parameters:

Artistic merit:

Based on artistic skill


Representation of the contest theme, use of the letters in the Google logo, and the unique approach to the doodle.

Theme communication:

How well the contest theme is expressed in both the artwork and the written statement

Doodles will be grouped and judged by the following 5-grade groups:

-Grades K-3

-Grades 4-5

-Grades 6-7

-Grades 8-9

-Grades 10-12

Once the entry period is closed and the judges have narrowed the field to the 53 best doodles, the public will be invited to vote online. Voters will be asked to select their favorite doodles, one from each grade group. If your student's entry is in the top 53 please let Homeschool Concierge know and we will feature their entry on our blog and newsletter.


Please see the contest FAQ page for more information about Google for Doodle.


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