Create a Travel Brochure with JCS-LIVE!

Guest Post by JCS-Live Director Lori Cummings

Start the year off with a fun writing project most suitable for students in grades 6 - 10, although it can certainly be adapted for students in grades 3-5 as well.

Students will learn geography, creative writing,

biographical writing, and create a travel brochure.

The students in my class really embraced these

activities this year, and created some amazing

projects!  I loved seeing the pride they had in their

work, and the growth they had during this project. 

Our JCS-LIVE writing project culminates in a World Thinking Day where students will be

coming together to display their projects, speak about their country, and prepare a food dish from their country to share. If you have a home study student who would like to participate in the World Thinking Day event, date and location to be determined, please email me at I will also be happy to review and offer constructive input to any of your home study students who would like to share their projects with me.


OH! The Places I Have Been!

Writing Project - 6th to 10th grade

For this project, you will conduct research on a country based on the longitude and latitude in the columns below. Using that country as your guide, you will complete this activity.

(Home study parents - explain longitude and latitude to students. Here is an online resource booklet. This is a great time to teach additional geography and create questions based on theses and other latitude and longitude coordinates.)

1. Look up the latitude and longitude of the countries below to determine where each country is. Then, select one country from which you will focus your research.

Latitude Longitude Where?

61.5240° N 105.3188° E