*CLOSED* Cast Your Vote!

Over the past few months, Fat Brain Toys Kidventor has been asking kids ages 6-13

"Are your maker skills up to the task? Do you have what it takes to think hard, get creative, get INNOVATIVE, and come up with a winning toy idea?"

The time has come, the deadline has arrived, and the top entries have been picked. Now, it's up to the judges and YOU to decide which one is worthy of the grand prize which includes:

  • $2,500 scholarship

  • $500 in toys

  • Winning invention presented at the New York City Toy Fair and potentially sold around the world

Homeschool Concierge would like to introduce you to a fellow homeschooler who has made the final round!!

Remington, age 10, has always found happiness in creating and building new ideas. He is an avid reader of anything Science, Physics and is future-focused. A few of his favorite periodicals are MIT Review, Wired, Popular Science and Popular Mechanics.

Remington has always had a passion for catapults, and while setting out to create his new invention he knew that would be important to somehow include the catapult. When he sat down to invent a game, Pizza Physics came to life very rapidly. He dedicated himself to sewing the 25 toppings and making his game a reality.